Why Aren't Your Prospects Calling?  And Why Don't They Hire You?

You've done all the "stuff" ... Networking, Meetups,
free consulting sessions, coffee chats, breakfast ...
but still they don't hire you. Why?
Please watch the video below...

It's Because There's Something Missing ...

Listen, there's nothing better than waking up to new customers, new sales and a bigger balance in your bank account. But there's no such thing as an "overnight success" -- that's just a myth that "internet marketers" write about to dazzle you and put you into a buying trance. 

You've already gone through all the "Shiny Objects" online courses on how to improve your SEO, or your LinkedIn profile, or your social media presence -- and so have we -- and now you're at the point where you can start to separate legitimate, quality advice from a pitch about one small part of a very big picture.

What you really need is a legitimate, reasonable, effective approach to improve your online -- and offline -- presence, so that your customers can discover for themselves how credible you are -- who you benefit, how you have benefited others, and what is your professional reputation.

After 10 Years of Research,
Testing (and Re-testing!),
We Want to Share
What We've Discovered.

The 4 Most Common Problems:

1) You don't know where to start, what to do first, and what your top priorities should be.
2) The "whole system" is so complex, so convoluted, and depends on so many elements working together, that you feel like you're in Frankenstein's lab trying to piece together the Monster. You can never get the thing to come alive.
3) You can put together a piece of content here, a FaceBook post there ... but nothing ever comes of it.
4) The messages you send across your main channels are disconnected. There's no cohesive whole that unifies your message.

Who We Are. Meet Your Trainers.

Social Media and Content Marketer in three languages and cultures, Bill Belew, PhD, is professor of Social Media Marketing in Silicon Valley, CA. His sites have garnered more than 90 million unique visitors. Bill regularly teaches international audiences and his local network of 5,600+ members how to get more legitimate visitors and sales for their products.

Content /Marketing Trainer * Social Media Expert * Paid Professional Speaker

Bill is the author of Marketing With Social Media, published by Kendall Hunt.

Don Osborne puts the "fun" back into Marketing Funnels. His work with over a dozen small and medium sized businesses have helped his clients substantially improve lead generation and sales conversion -- from zero results to many hundreds of thousands of dollars; from no leads to a steady stream of new opt-ins*.

Don lives by what he teaches. He has earned his full time living through his online activities since 2008. He is Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at Concordia University in Irvine, Calif. 

What Are We Talking About?

Can you get a meeting with a prospective client, but you can't seem to convert that prospect into a customer?
Do you feel like you're bashing your head against a wall ... and the wall is winning?
Can you tell that there's something your prospects want -- you can see it in their eyes --
but you have no idea what it is?

If You Answered "Yes" to
any of these questions ... Keep reading.

It Comes Down to One Word.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to know President Clinton, or Richard Branson of Virgin, or Tim Cook of Apple? Have you ever fantasized about what it would be like to BE someone like this?
If so, then you are in the right place.

The "one word" that you've been looking for is "Credibility." You must prove your credibility to your prospective client.

Specifically, we are talking about how to market yourself through your credibility. The Credibility Marketing Training Program will guide you step by step, and we will teach you how to create your own identity as a powerful Influencer. 

In this multi-video online course, you'll learn how to develop the key components of what makes you credible in your niche, including your "Story of Authority," and express this story throughout all your media -- your website and your social media profiles -- to capture the attention of your customers.

Your credibility establishes you as the "go to" person in your field. You are seen as the hero -- your clients have goals that they cannot achieve ... you show them how to achieve them. Your clients have obstacles they cannot overcome, and you'll tell them how to overcome them.

Credibility Marketing.
Your Story -- Your Brand.

  • AUTHORITY. Tell the story of how you will solve your customer's problem. 
  • PRESENCE. Your prospects have searched for you on the internet. They have read your LinkedIn and FaceBook profiles. They know your "About Us" page on your site. What they find creates their story of who you are.
  • ACCESS. When you are the trusted authority, your customers hire you not just because of WHAT you know, but because of WHO you know.

 Here are the key components inside
Credibility Marketing training program!

23 Video Lessons

Each of our fun, easy-to-understand and entertaining video lessons walks you thru a key component of building your Credibility.

Get the Step-by-Step

We hate it when a course gives you a "high level" explanation of a concept, but no way to actually implement it yourself. Take action with our step-by-step instructions.

Expert Influencer's
Online Presence

If you don't have a clear plan for your online presence, you risk becoming irrelevant in your customer's mind.

Members Only

 Ask questions -- and get answers -- in our Private Facebook Group, and join our growing Credibility Marketing Community online.

How to Leverage
Your LinkedIn Profile

What should your LinkedIn profile look like to match the expectations and desires of your prospective customers? Find out in this important segment.

 Social Means Credible

You're a Thought Leader, so you'll want to act like it. A regular, scheduled social media presence keeps you "top of mind" with your current and future clients. Learn how to implement this without adding to your workload.

Let's Decode the Jargon

Learn how inbound, content, social media, social network, push, pull, and outbound marketing combine in Credibility Marketing.

SEO. Simplified.

There are 200+ parameters that go into an ideal page, yet there are only 10 parameters that will give you 90 percent of the results you need. Master these elements and 

27 Ways to Market = 27 More Impression Opportunities

Learn to repurpose your content to engage your potential customers where they are, and stop making them try to find you.

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online course  now at a steep discount!

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This Is NOT For You If ...

You have a website, but there's no content, no traffic, and you have no interest in building your site.
If you plan to continue to spend the majority of your marketing and advertising budget on "old school" advertising, promotion, and networking methods ... sorry, this is not the course for you.

When you're with friends and colleagues, do you spend a lot of time complaining about how "hard"
this is? Then this course is NOT for you.
It's become a cliché. "Action takers"  are what every trainer seeks, and if you're not an action taker, you're not going to see results. Of course, if you want to take the course anyway because you're interested, we are all for that. Nothing wrong with a little study.

You are a novice blogger and you want to stay that way.

"The Best Decision I Ever Made."

“I first met Bill at one of his Meet Ups and it became clear right off the bat that he knew content marketing inside and out. I decided to work with him one-on-one to learn more about content marketing and how I can apply it to my website and work as a novelist. Turns out was the best decision I made! I am building a solid audience on my website which is seeing an organic growth of double to triple over previous periods. To top it off, shortly after, I created a solid marketing strategy for my novel and signed with a literary agent for my debut novel! Thank you, Bill!”

What the Perfect Testimonial Looks Like

"Bill is a very genuine person to work with. I hae learned a great deal from him in regard to content marketing and how to manage a blog.

The amount of research that he has put into learning how people and search engines respond to content is really awesome. As a result, his teachings on content marketing stand out amongst all the "experts" that I've encountered. He has proven time and again that his formula works!

If you're looking to generate traffic and develop great content ... Bill is your man."

Tyler Smith

This is Bill and Don's Best Stuff.

The Credibility Marketing Training Program.
Over 20 videos, plus guidebook and easy-to-use forms. 

Don't waste any more time trying to piece all this together yourself. Work with the men who literally wrote the book!

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

Let us take on all the risk. Review the full course for 30 days. If you are unsatisfied with the training for any reason, simply email us to receive an immediate, cheerful, full refund -- no questions asked.

More than $40,000 In Three Days!

Don’s clear thinking and ability to cut through the BS to find the root of any problem has benefited me greatly.

His suggestion (and good-natured prodding) led directly to a launch that brought in more than $40,000 in three days. Without him, it never would have happened. And that just scratches the surface of what he’s done for me.

If you’re looking for direct, honest advice from a true professional who has your best interests at heart, I cannot recommend Don more highly. Grab him before your competitor does!

John Bard, Children's Book Insider, WriteForKids.org

Waiting for Anne Wayman

"Over the last five years I paid a bunch of money to a couple of well-known and very nice business coaches who emphasized the spiritual side of making money. Lovely experience, but my results were nil.

Enter Don Osborne. I met Don online ... and I hired him as a business coach. We've been meeting weekly for over a year now, and Don has really helped me see through the eyes of a professional marketing mind ....

I recently offered a web course and sold it using the system he showed me, and I made four times the money I'd ever made on such a project. Plus, it's repeatable -- I know what to do now, and continue to work with him because it's working!

Anne Wayman

Instant access to our Credibility Marketing online course!

Don't waste another day in a fruitless quest for a magic bullet -- no more networking meetings, no more chasing prospects. Become the authority & get ready to answer the phone!