Don't You Just Love A Successful Website?"


A successful website makes me so happy.

Don't you just love it when you open up your email and see a bunch of sales? I know I do. I've spent the last seven years focusing all of my efforts on testing how customers engage with a website -- and how they buy. Content Marketing, Email, Copywriting and User Experience. It's all about earning Trust -- delivering high-quality, very useful content while eliminating doubt and risk. Increasing Value.


Are You Ready to Optimize and
Grow Your Website?


Tested Tutorials

I love testing out new things. Nothing gets me more excited than when something works — a membership site, a sales letter, a plugin … this is the stuff that I love to share.
My “Tested Tutorials” are step-by-step instructions to guide you along the way. Buy just what you need, at a reasonable price, with discounts for members only.

Consultant & Community

I’m going out on a limb and guess that the reason why you’re here is because you want help — you want a great-looking website; you want a sales funnel that makes good money; and ideally you’d like to get that without spending thousands of dollars.

I understand exactly what you mean, because that’s what I’ve been looking for, too. I couldn’t find it, so I learned how to do all this stuff myself.

And now I want to share it — with you — at a price you can afford.

A Clear Path

Have you been looking for a path to make your website look amazing, a way to craft a mesmerizing sales letter that compels your site visitors to work with your products and services? How about emails that your audience is excited to read, and a Membership Site that Your Community loves?

Don’s clear thinking and ability to cut through the BS to find the root of any problem has benefited me greatly.
His suggestion (and good-natured prodding) led directly to a launch that brought in more than $40,000 in three days. Without him, it never would have happened.
And that just scratches the surface of what he’s done for me.

If you’re looking for direct, honest advice from a true professional who has your best interests at heart, I cannot recommend Don more highly. Grab him before your competitor does!

Jon Bard, Childrens Book Insider & Write for